The purpose of this essay will be to explore the function of the jury and its role within the Criminal Justice System. The proposition in the essay will be to advance that trial by jury is not the appropriate means of determining a certain class of criminal case, namely complex trials for example fraud cases … Leggi di più»

what is plea bargaining purpose it serves

They are certain key decisions that people who are being prosecuted have to make. One of the most important is how you plead. A plea is formal statement made on behalf of an accused person or made by the accused in court in response to the charge made against him (Martin, XNUMX). A plea can … Leggi di più»

The quotation made by lord woolf

The aim of this essay is to examine the quotation made by Lord Woolf CJ with regards to certainty and flexibility within the doctrine of judicial precedent; it is important to consider the principles of judicial precedent that facilitate certainty and flexibility within the law and also the principles that cause weakness. The importance of … Leggi di più»

THE JURY system is accessible to all persons

A justice system should be founded upon the principle that the system is accessible to all persons. The existence of an efficient system is undoubtedly central to development. Access to justice concerns independence, impartiality and fairness of judges, legal literacy and aid, pro-poor laws and civil participation in legal and judicial reform. Access to justice … Leggi di più»

The jewel in the Crown

‘The jury system is often described as “the jewel in the Crown” or “the corner-stone” of the British criminal justice system. It is a hallowed institution which, because of its ancient origin and involvement of XNUMX randomly selected lay people in the criminal process, commands much public confidence.’ Lord Justice Auld (XNUMX) Review of the … Leggi di più»

The image of a woman judge

On the issue of whether we should want more women judges I agree with Baroness Hale’s opinion, presented in her paper: ‘Equality and the Judiciary: Why Should We Want More Women Judges?’ that we should want more women judges. I will argue this viewpoint by analysing how women judges can bring about positive changes in … Leggi di più»

The idea of separation of powers

Introduction The idea of Separation of Powers suggests that governance of the State should not fall solely under one organ of the State which could be identified as the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. Aristotle in his Politics submitted this theory but the most famous version was being suggested by Montesquieu in ‘De L’Espirit des Lois’. … Leggi di più»

The Doctrine Of Parliament Supremacy

It is argued that the doctrine of Parliament supremacy practised strictly by adhering to the concept that Parliament does not use its sovereign power instituted by the legislature, in an oppressive and tyrannical way . In the absence of a written constitution it is possible for the legislature to use its powers in an unauthorized … Leggi di più»

Statutory interpretation and the doctrine of judicial precedent

precedent Introduction This essay seeks to illustrate the role that ‘Common law’ and ‘Case law’ has played in the development of UK health and safety statute. The author will seek to explain the origins of Common law, its application and its interrelationship with statute law, in terms of statutory interpretation and the doctrine of judicial … Leggi di più»

Southwark crown court

Where you visited and when; Southwark Crown Court was my chosen court and I decided to choose the Old Bailey for one to compare anything that I hade doubts over mainly because it was the most famous and I had always heard the most high profile cases end up there. Although I chose Southwark Crown … Leggi di più»

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