Technology and Modernity in Saudi Arabia

In the modern age, where a country must keep up to date on science and technology if it is to have a hope of keeping up with the western world, Saudi Arabia is unlike many other Islamic countries. In the past 20 years alone, its leaders have undertaken an immense project of updating, or establishing … Read More»

Qualitative Research Methods in Organisations

Provide a justification for qualitative research in organisations “Qualitative research is a field of inquiry in its own right. It crosscuts disciplines, fields and subject matters. A complex, interconnected family of terms, concepts, and assumptions surround the term qualitative research. These include the traditions associated with foundationalism, positivism, postfoundationalism, postpositivism, poststructuralism, and the many qualitative … Read More»

Strategies for Confessions and Interrogations

Interrogation refers to a method of questioning that is usually used by investigating officers such as police, detectives, or military to obtain information from a suspect (Michael, 2007). Interrogation is a process that is allowed in law as defined by the constitution, but not all forms of interrogation are legal or even ethical from a … Read More»

Legal Pluralism and Customary Law: Marriage Concepts

What is legal pluralism?.Virtually every society is legally plural whether or not is has a colonial past including Cameroon. Legal pluralism has been existing in Cameroon for long with it numerous ethnic groups and diverse cultures. It is estimated that Cameroon has approximately 250 ethnic group and cultures with the Bangwa been one of the … Read More»

Developing Nature in Architecture

Nature is not what it used to be. Or at least that is what we may think, when we look at the way humans and their technologies have treated nature. When we speak of “nature”, however, we are essentially talking about our relationship with nature, never nature itself. What we refer to as “nature” or … Read More»

Impacts of Salt on Water Resources

Introduction. Salinity, one of the major water crises occurring around the globe, is the high concentration of total dissolved solids (TDS), such as sodium and chlorine, in soils and water (Rose, 2004). Salinity is a critical and prevalent problem affecting Australia, threatening the Australian natural environment and the sustainability of productive agricultural areas (Bridgman, Dragovish, … Read More»

Impact of Ecotourism on the Local Population of Cameroon

EXPLORING THE SOCIO-CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF ECOTOURISM ON THE LOCAL POPULATION OF CAMEROON. ABSTRACT The ecotouristic sector in Cameroon is a growing but relatively minor industry. Cameroon’s wildlife draws both safari-goers and big-game hunters, as Cameroon is home to many of Africa’s iconic animals: cheetahs, chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, hippopotami, and rhinoceroses. Impediments to … Read More»

Construction of the Notre Dame Cathedral

To start with, it is very known that Notre Dame Cathedral that is found in Paris is one of the world’s first ever to be made, Gothic Cathedral. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is found near the Ile de la Cite on its eastern half, having to the west its main entrance. Many thought that … Read More»

Relationship Between Building, Dwelling and Notion of ‘Home’

‘Discuss the relationship between building, dwelling and the notion of ‘home,’ drawing on ethnographic examples,’ Understanding building as a process enables architecture to be considered as a form of material culture. Processes of building and dwelling are interconnected according to Ingold (2000), who also calls for a more sensory appreciation of dwelling, as provided by … Read More»

Political Systems of Tribes

The importance of a tribe as a political system and its reluctance to subdue to the state efforts to erase it INTRODUCTION The tribe is an important political system that existed in the world mainly in the area of the Middle East. The Rwala and the Pathans are two examples of existing tribes that play … Read More»

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