Pharmacological Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease

Development of Pharmacological Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease: A literature review Huan-Tang Lu Abstract Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common causes of dementia in people over 65 years old. Scientists have been working on exploration and understanding of the pathophysiological processes for decades. However, the lack of currently available therapies reflects the uncertainties in AD. … Read More»

JB Hi-FI Corporate Social Responsibility

Report: Part A For JB Hi-FI there are 4 types of corporate social responsibility to report. The environmental section must be included and it provides information on actions the company is taking to meet carbon footprint requirements. Second are Philanthropic responsibilities stating how the company supports charities through funding. Third is ethical involves workplace safety … Read More»

Pharmacology in the treatment of mental health issues

The use of pharmacological tools in the treatment of a plethora of mental health issues has been going on for centuries. The use of different pharmacological interventions is also closely tied to present theory about the mechanisms that underlie different mental health difficulties. Thus, treatment has the ability to inform theories about the aetiology of … Read More»

Phenomenology and Social Psychoanalysis Theories

Darrin Paul Discuss the idea that phenomenology and social psychoanalysis provide both unique and useful contributions to social psychology. Illustrate your essay with examples of research or topics from at least two different blocks of the module. Part 1 Within social psychology there are a considerable number of social psychological perspectives that adopt different theoretical … Read More»

Phenomenon of change blindness

The phenomenon of change blindness refers to the extensive finding that people often fail to detect large changes in an object or visual scene. (Rensink, O’Regan & Clark, 1997; Simons & Levin, 1997; Simons and Rensink, 2005). Such a phenomenon has generated a great deal of interest within the discipline of psychology, resulting in a … Read More»

Phenylketonuria: Effects, Treatment and Screening Methods

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Phenylketonuria is a single-gene recessive genetic disorder that causes mental retardation along with other physical and behavioral effects. PKU can be screened for shortly after birth and can be treated with diet. There could potentially be drug therapies and/or gene therapies to help treat PKU with more research. Get Help With Your Essay … Read More»

Philosophical Influences on Psychology

Who is nowadays not interested in the human behavior? In fact, this interest is not a new thing and the philosophical influence started in the 18th century in France. This interest of philosophical ideas on psychology can be traced back to the ancient Greeks where Aristotle and Plato have dedicated themselves in this filed. Get Help … Read More»

Philosophy And Cognitive Neuroscience Psychology Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   Trends in psychological theory practice often parallel advances made in technology. For example, Robins et al. have documented the (successive) “virtual death” of psychoanalysis, the rise and severe decline of behaviourism, the emergence and large ascent of cognitive psychology (the “cognitive revolution”) and the beginning of the rise in neuroscience in the last … Read More»

Philosophy and Self-Reflection of the Role of a Therapist

Clinical Portfolio: Never Giving Up Four years ago when I was admitted into the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program, I could have never imagined the knowledge I would have gained in the field. The program has shaped the way I conceptualize and investigate therapy and helped me focus on my personal aspirations. The influx … Read More»

Philosophy of Counseling Paper

PHILOSOPHY OF COUNSELING1 ASSIGNMENT COVER Course code: CP 690 Course name: Integrative Research Project Assignment title: Philosophy of Counseling Paper Instructor’s name: Dr. Fani Triantafyllou Student’s name: Isidora Rentifi Date: 28/03/2015 Comments: Grade: /100 Philosophy of Counseling Paper Isidora Rentifi March 28, 2015 A paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of CP 690 … Read More»


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