History of Black Lives Matter

Abstract The big problem among police officers and African Americans are the issues of prejudice and racism that African Americans have been facing for many decades. African Americans are victims of a society that may never stop or change. More specifically, there have been an disproportionate number of African Americans deaths at the hands of … Read More»

Benefit of Body Worn Cameras for Law Enforcement

We’ve learned from live, reality, and all types of news, that people act differently when they know they are being filmed. The fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr. on August 9, 2014 in the city of Ferguson, Missouri ignited an uproar of protest and lots of questions on the over insensitivity and militarized response … Read More»

Sociological Explanations for Social Inequality

Outline and assess the main sociological explanations for social inequality. `Inequalities are connected. Gender inequality is impacted by racism, class, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against disabilities and other issues` (Zevallos, 2014). Sociological theories try to explain these social inequalities. This essay will outline three sociological theories and explain how they account for social inequalities in society … Read More»

Theoretical Analysis on the Upwards Trend of Incarceration

Theoretical analysis on the upwards trend of incarceration The goal of the prison system, in first world countries is to serve several important functions for the betterment of our society, these functions being the deterrence of crime, punishment for offenders of crime, the protection of the community and finally the rehabilitation of the offender (Findlay., … Read More»

Marxism and Postmodernism: Planning Theory

Co Marxism and Postmodernism Introduction Planning as a profession needs some form of theory or thinking to underpin its claim to have specialist knowledge. Planning theory is concerned with the discussion on the different ideas and concepts that has significant connection with planning practice and its relation to society, land-use and government. The context of … Read More»

Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Intelligence

Socioeconomic status is strongly associated with intelligence. Discuss the possible reasons for this relationship, and indicate which you think is the strongest explanation.   Socioeconomic status (SES) is the social standing of an individual, or a group in society, and is often measured using educational attainment, occupation and income (Hoff-Ginsberf & Tardif, 1995). Intelligence is a subjective … Read More»

Differences in Modern Day Sexism

Does Sexism Exist Today?                                                 Table of Contents   Chapter 1 – Introduction  3 Chapter 2 – Methodology 4 Chapter 3 – The battle of women pree 21st century 5 Chapter 4 – Objectification/Characterisation of … Read More»

Do We All Have Free and Equal Access to Authority?

Do we all have free and equal access to authority? Discuss on the basis of Weber’s concept of legitimate authority. Many feel in a greater or lesser extent a kind of hate to authority, no wonder least because external impositions often seem unfair to us. The truth is that we all like the feeling of … Read More»

Women’s Self-esteem in The Social Media Age

Women’s Self-esteem in The Social Media Age America is a patriarchal society with sexist values, which influences social media and popular culture. Although America is moving toward becoming a less sexist and patriarchal society, these influences still affect our culture. These effects can be seen all over social media and popular culture, in particular in … Read More»

Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Global Division of Labour

What is understood by women’s economic empowerment and what are the arguments for and against it being achieved within the contemporary global division of labour and associated forms of employment. Please provide examples.  Women’s economic empowerment has increasingly become a priority topic for development and global policy in recent years. It is widely considered an effective entry point … Read More»

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