Human Variability Social Science Datasets | Example Statistics Essay

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Example Statistics Essay Human Variability Social Science Datasets Human variability is an important component of social science datasets. How do social researchers account for this variability when drawing conclusions from data? Describe two situations in … Read More»

What demographic factors influence the relationship between experience of crime and rating of the criminal justice system

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Example Statistics Essay Using the crime survey of England and Wales, examine how experience of crime affects citizen’s opinions of the criminal justice system. What demographic factors influence the relationship between experience of crime and … Read More»

Statistical Analysis of Cricket Matches

Abstract The effect of playing “home” or “away” and many other factors, such as batting first or second, winning or losing the toss, have been hypothesised as influencing the outcome of major cricket matches. Anecdotally, it has often been noted that Subcontinental sides (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) tend to perform much better on … Read More»

Comparison of HIIT Exercise and Cycling

State the research question being studied by the authors. Write a brief overview of the research topic by explaining the purpose of the study, the purpose of the problem being studied, and the results and conclusions. The purpose of this study was to explore physiological effects for a duration of eight weeks of regular physical … Read More»

Reliability and Validity in Research

The debate whether qualitative methods are reliable and valid have been contested for a long time between qualitative and quantitative researchers. Quantitative researchers approach research in a positivistic way where they believe there is a single truth, behaviours can be explained by Universal laws and research should be done objectively (Research Methodology, 2016). Most of … Read More»

Prescription Drug Abuse

Sophia Ranta    Combing through the stories on the internet, I came across a shocking, testimonial of a woman who became addicted to OxyContin. Her name was Cheryl. She suffered from Fibromyalgia, which caused her to be in constant pain. When her pain became too unbearable, she went to see her family physician. Immediately, her … Read More»

Application of Regression Analysis

Chapter-3 Methodology In the application of regression analysis, often the data set consist of unusual observations which are either outliers (noise) or influential observations. These observations may have large residuals and affect the parameters of the regression co-efficient and the whole regression analysis and become the source of misleading results and interpretations. Therefore it is … Read More»

DuPont Enterprise Financial Analysis

With the fast pace of modern society, the competitions between companies are becoming more fierce gradually. In order to catch the tide of financial progress, rational analyses are required for enterprise to understand a company’s financial situation and operational efficiency. As a result, entrepreneurs can judge their enterprises’ competitive position in the industry and sustainable … Read More»

Multivariate Multilevel Modeling

Literature Review This chapter tying up the various similar studies related to modeling responses multivariately in a multilevel frame work. As a start, this chapter begins by laying out the recent history of univariate techniques for analyzing categorical data in a multilevel context. Then it gradually presents the literature available on fitting multivariate multilevel models … Read More»

Concept of Randomness in Statistics

Part I Introduction Introduction on Freshman Seminar Freshman seminar 1205M offers great opportunities for students to work intimately with professors from the Science faculty on various areas of mathematics. The seminar was targeted to encourage us to open our minds to creative ideas and develop curiosity of influential mathematical theories and various subgroups of contemporary … Read More»

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