Theology Essays – Postmodernism Emerging Church

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Postmodernism Emerging Church How can we understand postmodernism through the emerging church? Introduction According to Glentz (1996), the term postmodernism was coined in the 1930s and it was in reference to the major historical change … Read More»

Theology Essays – Islam Quran Life

This essay was produced by one of our professional writers as a learning aid to help you with your studies Islam Quran Life Islam – The Quran and its Different Uses in Everyday Life In the world we live in today there are many different religions. Islam is a religion that has over one billion … Read More»

Regarding Facts as Truth

In order to address the specific question, first, the word “fact” needs to be defined. Often associated with information and knowledge, a fact is a truth that has been verified and is supported by objective evidence. This being said, facts are limited by the scope of human ability and reality. Therefore, factual disputes can occur … Read More»

Live Together Before Marriage?

Now-a-days it is the trend among the people that they move in before marriage. Either love or attachment plays a vital role in it. But the main concept of men and women living together before marriage is considered as a sin in some religions, or most religions. But as the world is making progress so … Read More»

The infallibility of the Bible “The Contradictions”

Student: Joan Williams Introduction: For many centuries, the infallibility of the Bible has been a topic on the agenda of both Christian and Atheist alike. Christians, as a basis of their claim, continue to quote “2 Timothy 3:16” which reads, “All scriptures is god-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”.[1] … Read More»

Oxford Movement and the Church

Article reprinted from Cross Way Issue Autumn 2008 No. 110 (C)opyright Church Society; material may be used for non-profit purposes provided that the source is acknowledged and the text is not altered. THE OXFORD MOVEMENT By David Phillips It is likely that we will see a growing interest in the Oxford Movement in the wake … Read More»

Arguments for the Existence of God

Filomena Kato “There is a universal belief in God”[1], in all cultures, in remote areas or in mega metropolis cities. The existence of God is elucidated by the Cosmic Designer. He exists. The teleological argument (telos is from Greek – “the end to which all things relate, the aim, purpose, eternal”[2]. Logos means explanation, reason, it … Read More»

Leadership Skills of Paul of Tarsus

Carmel Gittens In the light of Romans, 1 Corinthians and Galatians, what sources of authority does Paul draw on to reinforce his case and what can be learned from the apostle in this respect for contemporary church leadership? Following his conversion on the road to Damascus, where Paul of Tarsus, one time persecutor of the … Read More»

Distinctiveness of the Prologue: Gospel of John

Introduction This paper is going to address the uniqueness of the prologue, and will further explore how it connects with the rest of the Gospel of John. The prologue previews most of the themes that the author will explain throughout the Gospel. There are 8 listed themes; ‘the pre-existence of the word, light of world, … Read More»

Why did the Reformation Matter to Ecclesiology?

By Carmel Gittens This presentation is to be delivered to our weekly Youth Group in our village hall. This is a group of young people aged 16-18. They have poor attention and love film especially Star Wars! So; the opening slide is to grab their attention, but there is no attempt to equate Star Wars … Read More»

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