Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Cubism

Keywords: cubism essay, les demoiselles davignon analysis The Art of Cubism and its Role In this research paper, I have explained the art of cubism and its role. I have chosen the cubit painting “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” painted by Pablo Picasso. He was the famous cubist painter. Picasso and Braque were the innovators of the cubist … Read More»

Originality in Postmodern Art

Keywords: originality in art, postmodern art and originality A number of postmodern theorists and artists have questioned whether there is such thing as originality in art. Discuss this issue with reference to examples of the work of one or more recent artists who have questioned the notion of originality in their work. Postmodernism rejects the modern … Read More»

William James Versus David Hume Philosophy Essay

Share this: Facebook  Twitter  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp   William James (1842-1910) was one of America’s most notable philosophers, however, his work went beyond the boundaries of philosophy (Schick & Vaughn 2009). Born in New York City to a theologian father and the elder brother of famed novelist Henry James, James spent much of his youth studying religion and writing his thoughts … Read More»

Found Art (Scrap Metal Art)

Found Art (or best know as scrap metal art) is a beautiful and creative way to express yourself and the things that you like. I would like to share with you what types of things that you will need, why, different things, types of things, that you could use and why you should do scrap … Read More»

Michelangelo Antonioni and Women in Film

Michelangelo Antonioni was an Italian film director, he was born In Ferrara, northern Italy, 1929. With Fellini he belongs to a so called provincial wave of Italian neorealist filmmakers, not so distant from the metropolitan colleagues De Sica, Rossellini and Visconti.(Chatman 1985, Tinazzi 1994) While not initially fully appreciated by the tradition audience for his … Read More»

Humanism and the Baroque Periods of Art

Humanism, specifically during the Renaissance, was a huge movement towards the human mind as a whole and how individuality in expression of thoughts and ideas was celebrated. Tradition was not something to be blindly followed anymore. One might argue that humanism played the biggest role in creating the Renaissance. This was because of the huge … Read More»

Reflections of Society in Periods of Art

Conventions in Art Throughout time, conventions of representation in portraiture dynamically transformed throughout history, considerably changing each artist’s genre of work supporting personal conventions portrayed in the time periods heavily varied. To an extent understanding, the change of convention in portraiture is crucial, allowing the society to move forward from all limitation from the past … Read More»

Hopper & Eitel Artist Comparison

Introduction The following pages will analyse and compare American realist Edward Hopper (1882-1967) and German contemporary realist Tim Eitel (b. 1971). The works selected are Office in a Small City, painted by Hopper in 1953 with oils on canvas, and Ohne Titel (Ausblick)/ Without Title (View) by Tim Eitel in 2002 with acrylic paints on canvas. Both artists portray loneliness, and share … Read More»

Formal Analysis: The Dinner Party

The Dinner Party is a mixed media feminist piece crafted by Judy Chicago and over four-hundred women consisting of ceramic plates, embroidered and woven table runners, woven entry banners, and painted china. This piece sits on a floor made of porcelain tiles which contains the names of 919 women in history. The construction of this piece … Read More»

Formal Analysis: To the Unknown Painter

To the Unknown Painter, a painting made of oil, acrylic, latex, emulsion, and shellac, was created by Anselm Kiefer in 1983 (Figure 1). A palette adorned upon a pedestal sits in a vacated space surrounded by tattered columns while casket-like shapes seem to lay on the ground around the pedestal. Dark colors envelope the horizon while … Read More»


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