Appeasement Policies: Britain And France

The appeasement policy was a policy adopted by Britain and France and it was a major player in the outbreak of the war. Appeasement was first introduced in the mid 1930s by Stanley Baldwin who was then the British Prime Minister. But it was Neville Chamberlain who changed this appeasement policy when he ascended to … Read More»

Study on Is Accounting Profession under Threat

Recent events in global financial world that is dissolution of companies due to continuous losses has made people to question the efficiency and honesty of the professional accountants in discharging their duties for the interest of public and society. These events have forced global financial scholars and experts to think about the future scope of … Read More»

The career choice

INTRODUCTION   Career choice is a complex phenomenon that can be better appreciated through a study of its key components, i.e. career and choice (Webster’s Dictionary, 1998). Dating back to the seminal works of Hughes (1937) and Goffman (1968), career has been the focus of many studies. However, the contemporary formulations of the concept by … Read More»

The purpose of Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) covers the responsibilities corporations have to the societies within which they are based and operate. More specifically, CSR involves a business identifying its stakeholder groups and incorporating their needs and values within the strategic and day-to-day decision-making process. Therefore, a business’ ‘society’ within which it operates, which defines the number of … Read More»

Limitation of Ratio Analysis

Limitation of Ratio Analysis Learning Objective Explain to the participants on the limitation of ratio analysis. Important Terms Creative accounting. Accounting Policies. As we have alredy discussed, it is important to compare in order to be able to analyse and to be able to comment and subsequently recommend in order that a business is as … Read More»

Window Dressing Of Financial Account Is Fraudulent Accounting Essay

According to Wikipedia Online “accounting is the art of communicating financial information about a business entity to users such as shareholders and managers”. The Law of commerce states that business organisation must objectively record the accounts of the business organisation. These laws also state accounts must be clear and represent a fair and true record … Read More»

The advantages and disadvantages of traditional Absorption costing techniques

Introduction Through the years when it comes to planning Managers has developed techniques and methods of forecasting future costs. One of such methods is Absorption costing and activity based costing (ABC) What is Absorption costing? Absorption costing is the traditional method of costing and stock evaluation, having been developed around the 1870s to 1920s is … Read More»

The influence of culture on accounting

Introduction Many studies have demonstrated that culture diversity had influenced accounting practice within national and international borders. Accounting can therefore be said to have been influenced by its environment, which includes the culture of the country in which it is being operated (Nobes & Parker, 2008) Mueller et al. (1994), cited in al, also … Read More»


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